Family Medicine Summer School


The summer school is an institution that can be found throughout the world and is aimed at providing students with the opportunity to look more deeply into their subject. The Family Medicine Summer School is provided in close cooperation with the local Institute/Department of General Practice at a different university every year. In workshops, practical exercises and interactive discussions, their knowledge of general practice is broadened and deepened over a period of three to four days.

Program Structure

Every year, around 25 students of medicine in the clinical phase of their studies that are interested in family medicine can take part. In what are generally small groups, highly motivated family practitioners teach students and pass on their knowledge of general practice.

A varied leisure program rounds off the event. In this way, a sense of community and group cohesion is encouraged and the participating students can network with each other


Different subjects are dealt with depending on the specialization and focus of the university department.


2011 the first Family Medicine Summer School took place in Freiburg.

Since then every year the Family Medicine Summer School was in another city; 2018 in Berlin.

Anke Schmid
Consultant Next Generation Support