The German Foundation of General Practitioners and Family Physicians focuses on actively supporting the next generation of doctors. DESAM currently offers two programs to medical students that have a strong interest in family medicine: the Family Medicine Summer School and the Young Doctors’ Academy of Family Medicine.

The Young Doctors’ Academy is a three-year support program that aims to recruit students at an early stage in their studies. The Family Medicine Summer School is oriented towards students in the clinical phase of their studies.

In addition to standard, predominantly theoretical studies of medicine, participants in the programs are taught family medicine from a more practical standpoint. Expert general practitioners and family doctors share their experiences and enthusiasm for their subject. At the Young Doctors’ Academy and the Summer School, students will be familiarized with modern general practice and family medicine, and they will discover an interesting and challenging field of work in which they are directly involved with the patient and have many development opportunities. Our aim is to inspire enthusiasm for family medicine in the participants and encourage them to act as multipliers in their individual surroundings.